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Since I have received a number of questions with regards to the upcoming County Committee meeting; I have composed the following for further clarification:

Who are the voting members of the County Committee?  The County Committee is actually made up of Precinct Chairmen and Vice Chairmen in the county, the County Chairman and Vice Chairman, two State Committee Members and two Congressional District Committee members.  Precincts are basically the smaller voting districts or “neighborhoods”.  There are eighty-nine precincts in Cleveland County.  You can check with the Cleveland County Board of Elections to find out your Precinct number by calling 366-0210 or look it up on the Internet at:

How do I become a member of my Precinct Committee?  The Chairmen, Vice Chairmen, Secretaries, and Treasurers for each Precinct are elected at the Biennial Precinct meeting, which we will be having either late January or the first part of February 2013.  When the date is determined we will post it on our website and in the news paper, and will email the announcement to current Precinct officials and to the Women’s Clubs.  All persons must be registered Republicans to qualify to hold office.

Should I attend the January 7th County Committee Meeting?  Even though you may not currently be a voting member of the County Committee; I encourage you to come to our meeting on January 7th to familiarize yourself with the proceedings and to gather information about the upcoming Precinct meetings, and County Convention.  You do not have to be an expert in politics to become a member of the Precinct or County Committee; you only have to be a willing volunteer with the desire to make a positive difference in your community.  It is my hope that you will chose to become an active member of the Cleveland County Republican Party.

Lisa Shrieves
Cleveland County Republican Party Acting Chairman, Cleveland County Republican Vice Chairman

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