Commissioner Meeting Monday May 13th

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Recently, the Cleveland County Commissioners with the Budget Board decided not to fund a charitable organization with your tax dollars.  This organization, called Crossroads Youth and Family Services Inc, among other things operates an emergency youth shelter.  They are threatening to shut down the shelter over the loss of the $225,000 funding from the County.

Here are some questions that should be asked about this situation:

1) $225,000 is roughly 2% of the overall budget of the organization, why would such a small cut to the overall budget mean its closing?

2) Why are salaries such a large chunk of the operating budget (many salaries appearing to be over the average of Cleveland County residents).

3) Why is so much money spent on travel (outside of travel for training)?

4) Why is the greatest listed expense on the paperwork submitted listed as “Other”?

We are including the public budget documents that have been provided.  There is a Cleveland County Commissioner meeting this Monday May 13th at 10:30 in the Administration Building.  If you have questions about why this organization would threaten to close over a single contributor, or if you want to show support for our elected officials you should attend.  You may want to get there early as seating may be limited.

Crossroads fy14 Budget

Crossroads fy13 Budget

Crossroads fy12 Budget

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