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Welcome to the Cleveland County Republican Party!

Dr. Harold Haralson, Chairman of Cleveland County GOP

The Cleveland County Republican Party is a grassroots organization that seeks to bring new members into our party, educate voters about candidates and issues, and elect individuals that share Republican ideals.

We believe the answer to our current problems is not found in massive, ineffective government programs or irresponsible spending, but by allowing the free market to work and enhancing individual liberty. When government does act, its role should be limited, fiscally responsible, and in accordance with the Constitution.We believe we must ensure that our neighborhoods are safe, our children receive the best education, our transportation infrastructure is improved, our citizens have access to affordable health care, and our economy is vibrant and growing so that all Oklahomans can attain the success to which they aspire.

We are an inclusive and diverse group. Our members are rural and urban, young and young at heart, business leaders and college students, retired legislators and people attending their first political event. We are conservatives, moderates, libertarians, and a mixture of everything in between.

We encourage you to get involved directly with us or with one of our many great affiliate organizations. You can make a difference.Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.


Cleveland County GOP