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Welcome to the Cleveland County Republican Party!

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Dave Spaulding, Chairman of Cleveland County GOP

Regardless of how one was raised or registered to vote in the past, I believe there are many of us within our community that share the Republican philosophy of limited government, traditional family values, the sanctity of life, a strong national defense and a free market economy.  Our great country was founded on biblical principles and our freedoms are what make our country the greatest nation on Earth!

But our freedoms and liberty are under attack every day.  Now, more than ever we need fellow Republicans and people like you to join us in our fight to grow our party, help get more people to the polls and get true conservative candidates elected and into office.

My name is Dave Spaulding and I have been a Republican my entire life.  I love our community and I appreciate the foundation that the preceding Cleveland County GOP Chairmen/Chairwomen and community volunteers have laid.  It’s a solid base that I want to use to propel our county to the forefront of Oklahoma politics.

THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  One person can be the catalyst that propels things in a new direction.  I believe you’ve reached this page for a reason.  The Cleveland County GOP is making big changes.   My goals (and the goals of all of the elected officers for Cleveland County) are to reach out and connect with more individuals and groups within our community.  We want to reach the youth, the elderly, the clergy, the minorities, and others to advance the conservative principles that we all share.  It’s our shared values that center around the belief that hard work, a loving family and national security and freedoms are of the upmost importance.

We want everyone to know who we are and what we believe.  We want you and your family to join us in our fight to ensure that we stay a nation that leads the world through our people, our free market and limited government.  You can help by donating your time, your thoughts and ideas, and your money.  There are many opportunities to get involved and have your voice heard through various groups and committees.  We have committees on event planning, minority and youth involvement, military outreach and many others.  There are many groups that meet throughout the month that you can attend.  Please check out our website to see the full list and visit our calendar of events and see where you can get involved and make a difference.